RV Seasonal Stay


Please complete the information below, or download the PDF Form, print, fill out and return according to the instructions. *6 guests per site included.   Additional charge of $50/year per extra guest.


(max. age limit 15years, non-motorized R.V’s only)
Amperage required: 15, 30, 50 (circle/underline 1)



*All R.V’s must be approved by management prior to

Appointment Date To View Request:


(Please review all rules with all persons on contract, including children)
Only 1 camping unit, 1 shed and 2 vehicles allowed on site.
A tent for sleeping may be placed on site at a charge of $16.00/night.

1. Any person not on your seasonal contract is a guest and will be charged accordingly ($5.00/person). It is your responsibility to make sure that ALL of your visitors register at the office prior to entering the park. On special event days/occasions that we have entertainment, Halloween etc..... guests will be $8.00

2. Beach use is free only for those on your contract, all others require a wristband ($5each) prior to swimming (available at the office or snack-shack).

3. GATE CODE: code will be given in person, on your 1st visit, and payment is received in full. Any persons permitting another person (or fellow campers) who are not on their contract, use of the gate code, will forfeit their camping privilege immediately and must remove themselves, their equipment and belongings from the site immediately. No refund will be issued.

4. You are responsible for the actions and safety of your children, and other children who are under your supervision. All children must obey the curfew of 10:00 pm (or dusk) and must be on their sites or accompanied by a parent.

5. No child (under 18) may be left in the campground without a responsible adult supervising them at any time. Additionally, no children may ride bicycles after dusk.

6. As per law no persons under the age of 16 shall drive a motorized vehicle (atv, golf cart etc..) at Cripple Creek Campground at any time.

7. You are responsible for the actions and safety of your visitors and guests. It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors/ guests learn, understand and abide by all of the Rules and Regulations of the Campground. It is your responsibility to make sure your visitors and guests know what fees they may incur and the sanctions for violation of the Rules.

8. Selling your trailer on site in the campground is allowed with prior management authorization as long as all fees are paid. However, management reserves the right to not allow the site to be included with the sale, please check with us prior to sale. (no refund will be issued) Transferring your site contract to another person or site will incur a $250 transfer fee (+gst).

9. Quiet Hours are to be observed from 11:00pm to 9:00am. All music and/or other audio equipment must be turned on low/off during this time. Although on occasion where the campground has an event, this does not give YOU permission to extend this privilege.

10. POWER TOOLS: usage times, 10am -6pm only. July long and August long from Friday 6pm, no usage on these weekends allowed.(this does not apply to Management of Cripple Creek and/or staff for operational purposes)

11. Bird feeders are prohibited at Cripple Creek Campground as per conservation recommendations as they tend to attract bears and other wild unwanted animals.(we will remove any if they are in use).

12. Campfires must be attended at all times and under control, management reserves the right to have your fire extinguished at any time if we feel it is not in control. Campfires must be extinguished when you retire for the night. During time of fire restriction, no open fires are permitted. Fines will apply!!

13. AT YOUR OWN RISK, trailers may be left on site for the winter. Cripple Creek Campground Ltd is in no way responsible for any trailer, possessions, etc., which remain on site for the winter. You release Cripple Creek Campground Ltd. from any and all liability for damage, theft, and casualty, if
you leave your trailer on site for the winter.

14. When the campground is closed for the season there is NO admittance to the park without authorization of management. And at no time shall a fire be constructed in your site.

15. Prior to any building, fences, placement of decks, posts and sheds,management MUST be informed in writing (with drawn site plan). All structures on your site must be authorized by management in writing and meet the campground rules for decks, (see office for details) screen gazebos and sheds. Attached cabanas are NOT permitted as per municipal regulations. Sheds must be pre-finished or finished with appropriate siding. Absolutely no poured concrete and Superspikes are banned from use.

16. Any camping unit older than 15 years from the present camping year cannot be placed or moved within the campground without management’s authorization and cannot be sold with the site.(must be removed when sold)

17. All trash must be bagged and placed into the bin at the entrance. Large items not permitted in any campground trash bins. (if you would normally bring it to the dump, do so yourself please) To dispose ashes: transfer once cooled into bags, then place in the main garbage bin.

18. Pets must be registered at the office and current on all required vaccinations prior to entering the park. Maximum 2 dogs per campsite. All pets must be attended, leashed, (Extendable leashes are not recommended and should be retracted when meeting other dogs, and or residents) and cleaned up after in all areas of the campground at all times. “He poops, you scoop!” Excessive barking will not be tolerated at any time.

19. Dogs are not permitted at special events (please see office for details, some
exceptions may apply)

20. Littering is prohibited in every area of the campground.

21. The speed limit in the campground is 10 kmh. (please inform your guests as well) Failure to drive the speed limit will result with 1 warning followed with vehicle privileges being revoked by management and parking will be allowed in visitor parking only. All motorized vehicles (cars, ATV’s,
motorcycles, mopeds) must be street legal, registered, and insured. (proof of ATV insurance is required and a copy included with signed contract). ATV, mini-bikes, dirt bikes or other such
vehicles are permitted only in designated trails in the campground. Reckless driving will not be
tolerated at any time.

22. Only contracted guests may store currently registered ATV`s or currently registered trailers in the campground. Storing such items is done at your own risk on your site.

23. Outdoor lighting: only 3 strands, LED only are permitted per site. Solar lighting is highly recommended and unlimited to quantity. All outdoor lighting must be turned off when you retire for the night and not remain on during the week if you are not present. Load lights are to be turned off by 11pm.

24. Swimming is at your own risk in the ponds or the creek. NO LIFE GUARDS ON DUTY! No one under the age of 14 allowed without ADULT (18+) supervision. While at the beach please dispose of cigarette butts in butt cans provided. Sunflower seeds and peanut shells should be put in a container or garbage Please do not litter on the beach.

25. Pets are not allowed in the public washroom/shower facility, and on/in the beach. The “beach” includes the sand area surrounding the beach. Dogs may however be allowed in the grass area surrounding the beach.

26. All campers and their visitors are to respect campground property. You are responsible for reporting any unusual occurrences to the office.

27. All campers assume responsibility for the site in which they occupy. All grass trimmings, weeds, fallen leaves must be taken care of and kept maintained, site beautification is encouraged. If sites are not taken care of a notice will be given, after such, management will take care of it and you will be billed accordingly. However, if you’d like to choose to make arrangements for such a service please inform the office at your earliest convenience.

28. Chainsaw use is NOT permitted without prior written consent and on every occasion required.

29. All Seasonal sites sewer line MUST be hard piped in. (PVC/ABS)

30. Car washing, oil changes, and car / ATV repairs are not allowed on sites, on the street or elsewhere in the park at any time without prior authorization.

31. If a guest is staying later than gate closing you must go open the gate to let your guest out. Gate will be locked promptly at 11pm Friday & Saturdays, weekdays 9pm and reopen at 8am. In the Spring and late Fall the gate may be locked during the week. If locked, keep locked please.

32. The clearing of trees and underbrush is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from Management. (Firewood is available for sale at the office)Non compliance may result in your eviction from the Park or a fine of up to $500.00. If sheds, or decks have to be moved or removed off the site, it must be done without the removal of any trees, underbrush, or damage to
the site of any kind.

33. Golf Carts are permitted in the campground with permission only.(See office) Liability coverage through your home insurance is required, please supply proof of insurance with signed contract. Without such proof the golf cart will be banned till the document is supplied. Only guests with electric carts allowed usage after 11pm.

34. Firecrackers and fireworks are strictly forbidden by seasonals and all guests. Violators of this condition risk being evicted.

35. Deposit of $ 300.00 is due September 30th of each year. This deposit is applied to the Seasonal Rate and is non-refundable. If the deposit is not received, management reserves the right to lease this site to another prospective Resident.

36. This Seasonal Agreement allows residency from opening date in April (weather/roads permitting) to September 30, closing date and storage from October to April (inclusive)The Seasonal Agreement is renewable every year and in all instances, the Seasonal Rate (balance of) shall be payable on or before the date that the seasonal lease begins. Payment forwarded by mail shall be deemed unpaid until it is received by Management. Residents shall pay, in addition to the Seasonal Rate, GST, municipal or similar taxes applicable to the Seasonal Rate.

37. If the seasonal agreement is not being renewed please inform us in writing at your earliest convenience and prior to removal of any belongings. If you choose to leave Cripple Creek prior to end of year, once the trailer is removed you have 5 days to remove all belongs and no longer will have access to the site, campground and your lease will be considered terminated. The site must be vacated by September 30 noon at latest.

38. Trailers, sheds, fences, and decks which are taxed by the RM. of Reynolds will be paid by the Resident. Trailers must be insured by MPI and will not be assessed providing that the proper validation sticker and plate is made visible to the tax assessor (back of trailer or front window) on or before June 1st. Trailers which are assessed because assessor could not find plate or sticker will be the Resident's responsibility and the amount owing to be paid to Management. Municipal Tax on your personal property is due upon receiving your invoice each year. Please note: Park models may be assessed, although insured through MPI. (This is currently happening at other campgrounds and is beyond our control.)

39. Each site was originally provided with adequate space for one vehicle in addition to the RV. In most circumstances there is room for two vehicles at most. Additional vehicles should be parked in visitor parking and registered with visitor self-registration. Anyone parking in such a manner as to block the driveway of a neighbouring site or impede the flow of traffic shall be asked to move the vehicle immediately. At no time shall vehicles be parked in a site other than which the vehicle is registered to.(including unused sites)

40. Should you wish to pull your camping unit out for any length of time, it is imperative that you advise management of the time it will be gone. Failure to do so will be assumed you have vacated and left for the balance of the season.

41. Utility/ATV trailers or vehicles parked in visitor parking area must be registered with the self-registration (mailbox at the office), at each occasion (maximum 48hr stay) Longer than 48hr stay must be cleared with management. Parking passes are required for vehicles, 1 free pass, per
site, per year available, if required see office.

42. Electric heaters are not permitted at any time.

43. Sewer. Most sites are on a collection system but all newer sites must have individual tanks (our tank capacity is 750 gallons). You are entitled to 1 pump out per year after which you are responsible for the cost of the pump out.(aprox. cost $100+GST) It is your responsibility to check your capacity level prior to dumping and inform the office if a pump out is required. All tanks will be pumped out to a safe level at season start up.


There will be no refunds for early departures or evictions. Those found not adhering to stated rules and regulations may be subject to a fine as deemed appropriate by management.


(Off leash dog park)
Located on the south side of the main entrance road.
This is the only area at Cripple Creek Campground in which dogs
are allowed to be off leash.

1. He poops, you scoop ALWAYS applies.

2. Dog must be on leash when entering and exiting the off leash area.

3. Dog must be in control at all times and kept off the road when off the leash.

4. If another person, with or without a dog comes up the road, please respect
them and leash your dog.

5. Always keep your dog in sight and within voice range.

6. No digging! Fill in any holes your dog has created.

7. Don’t bring female dogs in heat to Doggie Park.

8. All dogs MUST be up to date on its vaccinations.

9. Users of the facility do so at their own risk. Cripple Creek Campground shall
not be held liable for injury or damage caused in the off leash area from the area
or another dog.

*Parents are advised that the off leash area is not advisable for children to
supervise dogs and doing so is at your own risk.*


These points apply to every resident of Cripple Creek Campground, who uses an ATV within campground area:

 All registered ATVs must be registered/on contract guests.

 All Manitoba Provincial laws for off road vehicles are in effect in campground at all times. (i.e. helmets)

 $30(+gst) registration fee, per quad, is being applied to those who have quads in the campground.

 It is the ATV owner's responsibility to ensure that campground office has a copy of the ATV's current and valid registration.

 ATV trails and back lanes are for the purpose of entering and leaving the campground only (10km max. putt in + out). Riding within park to visit another site is not permitted. At any time when trailering an ATV into the campground, they must be unloaded at the back lane entrance closest to your site. AT NO TIME ARE ATV'S PERMITTED TO BE RIDDEN ON ANY ROADS WITHIN CAMPGROUND.

 No parking of ATV's in back lanes. Must be parked in your site at all times.

 When using back lanes, pedestrians have the right of way. Please stop and allow them to pass before continuing.

 No washing of ATV's in back lanes. Rinsing of quads is permitted on your site. Please ensure any mud and water does not pool in back lanes.

 If anyone has visitors coming to the campground, by quad, it is the responsibility of the resident to inform the office of visitors arriving. It is also the responsibility of the resident to inform visitor that they must stop at first bridge and walk to campground office, with their valid registration to register. A $5 day pass is required to be purchased by all visiting ATV's. Once purchased, they will be allowed to enter campground and go to site that they are visiting. All visiting quads must be parked on the site that they are visiting. Any maintenance repairs of your ATV must be approved through the campground office prior to starting.

Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in the loss of use of your ATV within the campground.

If you have any questions about the rules and regulations please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

I have read and understand the Rules and Regulations.



*Only once space has been confirmed…
we will contact you via email with the payment LINK.